Are you a property owner?

Leave the responsibilities to us!

Do you own an flat with a tourism licence and want to maximise your profit? Flat Barcelona offers you a full management system with an attractive return and a minimised work load for you.

By leaving us the responsibility of your property, we provide you with everything from the cleaning, the check in and out service, to getting customers to your flat. We manage the contact from start to end with the customer, advertise your flat in different forums for you and even take care of small home repairs.

In return, we ask for the exclusivity of the flat and the formalising of responsibilities in a contract signed with your name.

We will continuously review the performance of your flat, adjusting prices to the market trends. Our aim is to optimise your return. With our expertise and near ten years of experience in the field, we believe we can help you boost your return leaving you care free of all practicalities. All we need from you are the keys.

Contact us now, we would love to explain our model to you in more detail.